What We Do

Eclipse Kids provide opportunities for students, parents, organizations, schools, and businesses to grow using the power of film. Eclipse Kids works with schools and businesses to educate students with the goal of unlocking their unlimited potential through exposure to real world professionals, entrepreneurs and mentors.

Who Are Our Partners

In Las Vegas, we are partnered with the MaxSTAR Urban Arts Foundation, founded by R&B legend, Maxine Jones (formerly of En Vogue) and community leader, Brian Martin. The Primary mission of MUAF is to provide arts education and mentoring for school-aged children in urban communities.

How Does Film Help

We believe film is one of the most powerful mediums on the planet. By sharing stories we connect in ways that may not have been previously possible. Across continents and cultures, film has the power to reach us, teach us, and make us more empathetic to the perspectives of others.

We invite your school, organization, and place of work to use Eclipse 24/7 as a resource to access films to foster those more difficult yet necessary discussions. Film programs can be designed to support a myriad of initiatives from anti-bullying and anxiety to diversity & inclusion; from mental health to the effects of social media. We encourage you to learn more and do more to make the world a better place.