Why should I distribute my film or series on Eclipse 24/7?

Our primary goal is to share your story with the world. On Eclipse 24/7, subscribers will find a diverse catalog of film and tv content. We see ourselves as the "farm system" connecting you to your ultimate success. Eclipse 24/7 gives independent creators a platform to increase their exposure, ensuring their fair representation and compensation.

What are the benefits of distributing my film or series on Eclipse 24/7?

We invite content creators to share in the revenue generated on Eclipse 24/7. In doing so, we allocate at least 40% of every subscription payment to the streaming revenue pool and make pro-rata distributions based on views and time watched.

Does it cost to distribute my film on Eclipse 24/7?

There is no charge to submit your movie for consideration and there is no cost to deliver your film.

When will I get paid for my work that's streaming on Eclipse 24/7?

Payments to creators are made within 30 days after the close of the quarter.

Where can I find my film?

Eclipse 24/7 is available on our website, as well as on various CTT apps, including Roku, AppleTV, iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire.

Are there any restrictions if I distribute with Eclipse 24/7?

If you are distributing on Eclipse 24/7's streaming platform you may continue to offer the film elsewhere on the Internet. You may also distribute the film with other paid streaming platforms.

What kind of content does Eclipse 24/7 have available?

Eclipse 24/7 curates the vieiwing experience to provide access to a diverse set of filmmakers reflecting content representing the entire diaspora. Our catalog is full of work by independent creators across genres. You will find shows produced for and by women, Black Americans, the LGBT community, Latinx, Asian-Americans, and mainstream award-winning features, shorts, comedies, dramas, documentaries, foreign films and more!

How do I distribute my work on Eclipse 24/7?

1) Submit your completed series, short, or full length feature
2) Eclipse 24/7 generally contacts content creators within 72 hours
3) If selected, join our family of content creators and share in the subscription revenue generated.